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Business Intelligence as a Service

Team Quanti, specializes in Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS). It pioneers in offering bespoke, data-driven solutions, fostering an environment where analytics and insights catalyze groundbreaking business strategies and decisions, propelling organizations towards unparalleled growth and competitive advantage. Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS) offers dynamic, cloud-based analytics solutions, transforming data into actionable insights for informed decision-making and strategic planning in the corporate world

What is Business Intelligence as a Service(BIaaS)?

Continuous Cloud Access: Enjoy uninterrupted access to our cloud-based digital platform for the entire duration of your subscription.

Centralized Data Aggregation: Data from various source systems is efficiently gathered into a single, convenient location.

Automated Data Handling: Our system automates data processing, removing the requirement for internal technical skills.

Intuitive BI Tools: Benefit from industry-proven, user-friendly business intelligence solutions.

Comprehensive Training and Support: Receive thorough training and onboarding for using Deloitte's digital platform and BI tools, ensuring you can leverage insights as needed.

The three pillars of Business Intelligence

Data Management

Collection, storage, and maintenance of data. Effective data management ensures the quality and accessibility of data for analysis


Analysis of data to extract meaningful insights. It includes various techniques and tools for statistical analysis, data mining, etc.


Creating reports, dashboards, and data visualizations that help in decision-making and communicating insights effectively.

Benefits of BIaaS


Smart Data-Driven Decision Making and Process Optimization


Enhanced Business Agility


Quicker and More Accurate Reporting, Analysis, and Planning


Improved Forecasting and Strategic Planning


Cost Savings on Technology Investments


Reduced Need for In-House BI Expertise


Short Implementation Time


Lower Organizational Burden

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