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Decision Making


We combine Data, Integrity, Experience, and Innovation to enable democratized decision-making for our customers
Who are we
Our Story

Leveraging our deep technical & domain expertise, the team quanti strive to innovate businesses by providing best-in-class decision science products and services utilizing AI for a Driverless Decision Science model

Our Vision

We are here to help you and your organization to establish a strong analytical platform and make your organization ready for the competitive analytical market


Self-governed Business Intelligence and automated reporting have an ever-developing interest for greater adaptability and independence. Our package-driven Heptaloop technology  wield deep learning for ease of doing business.


Our Heptaloop technology enables a driverless decision-science model, assisting stakeholders to easily deploy self-service analytics and leverage data to enable ease of doing business. For a redefined analytical platform, this cutting-edge cloud-based system executes decision science operations quickly at your fingertips


Heptaloop is a Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) package that prioritizes explainability, flexibility, speed, and modularity to enable industry leaders deploy self-service analytical apps with ease

Heptaloop SE

Heptaloop SE is a Maestro-as-a-Service (MaaS) package that utilizes Emotion AI to integrate customer sentiment from 100+ digital channels and help maximize  customer experience


Our Trending Solutions

Heptaloop's innovative technology, driverless decision science model helps to democratize and innovate business decisions

Car Factory

Supply Chain

A data-driven heptaloop package enables to mine manufacturing process across the business and find patterns maximizing supply chain and reduce costs

Design T-Shirts


Advanced Market Basket Analysis powered by heptaloop optimizes assortment for stores and retailers leading to better products for affordable consumer price

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


A driverless predictive model facilitate Physicians/Hospitals to mine patient health records for a collaborative informed decision leading to reduce expenses 

Dollar Bills

Financial Services

A driverless decision model powered by Heptaloop provides accuracy with speed for enhanced predictions by supporting financial transparency and explainable predictions

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