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The retail industry is fiercely competitive, with internet competitors exerting increasing pressure. Leading retailers understand that providing a positive customer experience and streamlining operations are critical to their success. Companies that employ AI extensively benefit from higher customer happiness and loyalty, as well as reduced fraud and improved operations, all of which contribute to their bottom line.

Advanced Market Basket Analysis powered by Heptaloop optimizes assortment for stores and retailers leading to better products for affordable consumer price

Heptaloop is the key for utilizing Computer Vision for retail decision making!

Rise of democratized decision making

The rise of AI and the ascent of e-commerce is affecting retailers in a wide variety of ways.AI is being used by businesses for a variety of purposes, including assortment optimization, product suggestions, fraud detection, client retention, and marketing optimization.

The Heptaloop package was used to speed up a recommendation engine that connects customers with brands that they care about. Their time-to-market has been cut in half, from months to weeks.

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