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Heptaloop is an Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) that prioritizes explainability, flexibility, speed, and modularity to enable industry leaders deploy self-service analytical apps  with ease. Our technology and services enable the ability to benefit from data insights without having to make a large upfront investment in talent and resources

Our goal is to help our customers stay focused on their core business by minimizing the risk of investment to increase the benefits gained from their data for improving strategic flexibility, making cost flexible and transparent

​To ensure the success in AI transformation journey, we use the correct combination of advice and hands-on help across people and process optimization.

Insights as a service

Utilize data to gain strong and relevant insights as well as continued decision assistance. To drastically increase the quality and dependability of your insights, supplement our expertise and discover your blind spots.


Data Governance

A business entity can not make assured selections without correct facts. Our tested framework facilitates you make use of facts as a strategic asset, remodeling the manner you govern your facts and do business.


Risk Analytics

The risks your business faces are evolving day by day. With internal audit, risk management and fraud detection, and data analysis for compliance and management, we provide resources and applications to better identify, monitor, and report risk.


Enterprise Analytics

Your data is the answer to resolving your most difficult business issues. Our enterprise analytics team works with you to create a thorough, consistent approach for getting answers from your data and keeping ahead of the competition by forecasting outcomes.


Data Integration & Migration Services

Your organization already has a ton of potentially transformative data, Our team leverage data to streamline operations, better understand organizational needs, and help implement tools and strategies that target more effective business initiatives.

Work Desk

Invest Smartly

Want to see how we can help you build a driverless decision system utilizing heptaloop?

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