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Vaccine Production Line


As part of digitization ambitions, organizations are rapidly incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) in supply chain & manufacturing  to help organize and analyze data, which aids decision-making in areas ranging from logistics to warehousing. Streamlining procurement-related operations through the automation and augmentation of AI capability needs access to robust and intelligent data  alongside a driverless decision model.

A data-driven Heptaloop package enables to mine manufacturing process across the business and find patterns maximizing supply chain and reduce costs

Heptaloop is the key for utilizing Computer Vision for supply chain decision making!

Rise of democratized decision making

A steep rise in AI has been seen in the field of Manufacturing. Upon the use of AI, the fragmented and unorganized logistics sector has modified itself into a seamless management process. While AI and Machine learning have grown their roots into various domains, the influence in supply chain management can bring about a revolutionary change

Heptaloop driverless model utilized historical field reports during large-scale building projects, decreasing the chance of errors and injuries through better communication and decision making

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