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Know your customer by utilizing the power of


There are 500 million daily tweets and 800 million monthly active Instagram users, with 90% of them being under the age of 35. Reddit users post 2.8 million comments per day, and 68% of Americans use Facebook. Thousands of businesses are reviewed on Google, Yelp, and Facebook every single minute. Every second, a remarkable amount of data is generated, making it increasingly difficult to extract the essential insights from among it.

Our platform utilizes Heptaloop powered bot to scrape, analyze, and capture the crucial customer sentiment utilizing its deep learning capabilities and integrates it with multiple sources for explainable customer insight. Our core architecture enables a democratized decision system across your organization for minimizing churn improve lead-conversion rate.

What is NLP?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subject that combines computer science, artificial intelligence, and linguistics with the objective of teaching computers to process or "understand" human language in order to accomplish tasks such as determining the sentiment of the speech or article.

Improving Customer Service

Customer service may address the difficulties of customers who have strong unfavorable feelings about your product or service by collecting them. Consider the rage of a consumer who writes negative comment. Action can assist diffuse the tension, whether it's through personal contact or prioritizing their tickets.

Change to Effect Monitoring

Customer sentiment shifts as the firm evolves. Changing your product's interface or price structure, as well as launching a marketing campaign or a press release, can all have an impact. This can be measured by tracking customer sentiment.

What is Emotion AI?

Emotion AI is a branch of NLP that recognize and extract opinions from a given text in a variety of formats, including blogs, reviews, social media, forums, and news. It can assist turn all of this unstructured customer material into structured data.

Brand Sentiment Over Time

It is more useful to track customer sentiment associated with specific parts of the brand/business rather than just the historical financials. The impact of the brand's key performance indicators can be explained through analysis.

Detractors to Promoters

Customers may leave feedback on a variety of facets of your business, but which ones are having an impact on your performance metrics? This question can be answered with a little data science and Heptaloop deployment. It is possible to show which factors influence such measurements by linking characteristics with promoters and detractors.

Rise of democratized decision making

Business Meeting

Heptaloop understands usage behavior and help customers get the most value out of features and functionality.

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